Monday, March 16, 2009

It's all about Variety

So, Friday night I caught Felix Cartal, Dim Mak's newly signed DJ sensation, at 12th and Porter. He rocked it. Justin Kase opened and I'm really excited to see him again. If you can make it...go see him and Ghostland Observatory at the Cannery Ballroom on March 27th. If you have any respect for a mix of rock and electro, and amazing lights - Ghostland will change your life.

Saturday, I caught Brad Paisley at the Sommet Center. I don't know any of his songs, but this was still one of the coolest concerts, I've ever been to. The light show comes in second to Nine Inch Nails this year. The videos were so fun! Lots of featured celebrities in the video.

At one point the video projected the illusion that Alison Krauss was on stage live singing the duet. Fooled me for a minute. I even cried for a couple of the songs. Brad seriously knows how to play. He could've been in a rock band with riffs like that.

And can I just mention...Brad's backup guitarist...OMG! So cool. The only person I've ever seen who could pull off a skullet and a Mighty Mighty Bosstones shirt. Obsessed with him. Obsessed.

Well, my senses have kicked in, and my Wahlberg radar is going off. NKOTB tonight.

Are You READY?!

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